About Machel

Machel Farquharson is a talented, outside the box thinking Commercial Artist with an impressive portfolio of experiences of clientele all across North America and Jamaica. Whether Mr. Farquharson is visually conveying the virtues of a particular product or service, or creating an eye-catching corporate logo, his artistry will take a company's vision into a compelling, effective presentation. He will bring his creativity from start to finish, executing any promotions or marketing designs of any business to help bring their image to light.
Mr. Farquharson's ability to strategize information, visualize fine art and knowledge of latest programming skills, will evolve any company into today's world of technology. No matter how small or how large a project is, he will take the goal of any business and relentlessly pursue his client's objective to obtain mass exposure, distribution and increase sales. Mr. Farquharson's array of experience includes:
Planning out every detail of a company's marketing plans, visions and goals
Designs graphics for print, posters, business cards, online magazines, online presentations, online social media marketing, advertising campaigns, company displays and packaging materials
HTML & CSS Coding
Sketching company's vision for logos
Studying a company's product(s) and the respective industry, using strategic, analytical skills
Photography of products or services, to establish the pertinent branding for any company Ability to work as a team with art directors in corporate arenas Creative ability to work with a diversity of clients from Small Start-up Companies, Radio Stations, Recording Companies, Recording Artists, to fortune 500 companies

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